What did the exhibitors and visitors think about the 2016 festival?

“A great selection of exhibitors on offer again. Friendly and efficient ticket collection process and the bands make it easy to get in and out of the festival locations without queues forming. Lots of space to allow everyone to enjoy the festival, with something for all.”

“Getting the village involved in the whole event is lovely. You get stopped so many times on your way to the stalls and tents which gives a real feel for a local, town support. It’s very nice to attend an event like this. I feel the bigger festivals don’t capture the spirit of locality in the same way.”

“Cowbridge is a very well organised event with good signage and parking facilities.”

“Excellent event – made better by excellent weather.”

“We really liked the new arrangement for covering separate rows of stalls, rather than 2 large marquees – great improvement especially with such great weather.”

“Was a good experience all round.”

“I liked the new food stalls as opposed to the old large marquee. A much better layout.”

“The standard of exhibitors was good and there was an excellent atmosphere in the pubs and around town.”