10 May 2015

Dear Exhibitor


With a few weeks to go, here is all the information you should require for the festival. THERE ARE MAJOR CHANGES FROM 2013 SO PLEASE READ IN FULL, PLUS ATTACHMENTS whether you’ve exhibited with us in the past or not. If you still have queries having read this bundle, please let me know.


Attached is the Exhibitor List with Requirements as well as the up to date Plan for Vale Forge Site and Plan for Arthur John Site. The requirement list shows your stand position and whether you have ordered electricity or furniture. Stand position is non-negotiable as we are completely full but if any other details have changed please let me know asap. Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival reserve the right to amend the layout and position of exits if required.


NO FURNITURE IS INCLUDED IN YOUR STALL UNLESS PREVIOUSLY ORDERED. Tables and chairs have been ordered according to your initial enquiry (please consult attached reqs sheet). These will be allocated on your arrival, not placed on your stall as in previous years. A number of spares will be available but we will charge for these.


If you require electricity but have not ordered any yet (according to the attached reqs sheet) we can still install this but there is a charge.

Electricity is switched on on the Saturday and left running overnight Saturday and Sunday.

Our electrical contractor is on site to inspect each stall and equipment. As usual a PAT testing certificate is required for all items over 1 year old, including extension cables. If items have been purchased within a year they will be exempt but a receipt may be required as proof. If items are deemed unsafe for any reason they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the festival. Items not holding a PAT certificate can be tested on site with all the relevant certificates being supplied after the festival. This service will be charged for at £20 for the first item, £15 for each item thereafter.

Please provide your own extension cables.


Depending on your arrival time, you will be directed to a specific exhibitor parking area. YOU MUST PARK WHERE ALLOCATED – the sites are either the Cattle Market or the Health Centre Car Parks. Under no circumstances are you to park in the Town Hall Car Park. If you are found to have done so you will not be accepted into the festival in the future.

The reason for this is to allow as much central parking available to the town traders and their customers as possible. If the exhibitor traffic continues to park here, this will cause ill feeling and therefore put the future of the festival in jeopardy.


For those setting up on Saturday, you will only be allowed access from 5pm to 6.30pm. If you arrive early you will NOT be allowed in if we have not completed the marquee/electrical installation – but if you arrive in Cowbridge early it is worth asking on the off-chance as we will let you in if safe to do so. This also applies to any contractor dropping off equipment such as fridges so please pass on the information. We encourage as many as possible to set up on Saturday to prevent the last minute panic. If you are late you will have to unload on the road and then park and return to site.

Otherwise set up in on Sunday 6.30am to 8.30am. Strictly no vehicle access after this point even if you are in the queue so allow plenty of time. If you need to restock for Monday, we may allow this after close on Sunday but again vehicle access will be limited and please request this during the day as we like to close the gates promptly, or you can stock up on Monday 8-9am. No vehicle access outside these times.

Regardless of this system, due to space limitations there will probably be delays which we will keep to a minimum with your help. No vehicles other than unloading exhibitors will be admitted to site.

Please note that it is our intention to take down the infrastructure over-night on Monday so you must arrange for everything to be removed from site. There is security but no electricity or undercover storage.

Those of you marked on the plan as V1-4, please could you arrive as late in the set-up session as possible and let us know which day to expect you. This will allow us to position you without hindering the progress of others’.


You must bring to site proof of insurance and appropriate Hygiene Certificates. Proof of all of these may be inspected and recorded by organisers and/or local authority representative. The Vale of Glamorgan Environmental Health Department have your details to carry out their checks and will inform you of any new legislation. Please read any information provided by them and if you have any queries contact them direct on 01446 700111. Inspectors will be visiting over the weekend and if any of these requirements are breached they may force the stall holder to cease trading – their decision is final and enforceable. No refunds will be offered if you are asked to cease trading.

It is recommended that each exhibitor carry out their own Risk Assessment for the duration of the festival including load in and out. Attached is a Blank Risk Assessment with some suggested areas to consider. Once completed keep this available for inspection also.

Fire fighting equipment will be situated around the marquees. Please read the attached Fire Evacuation Procedure which will be displayed by each fire exit. The Fire Marshal is Russ James.

A full briefing will take place over the PA system at 9am Sunday 24th so please pay attention at this time.


There are hand washing units placed around the marquees for exhibitor and public to use and these will be filled up regularly. Please let a Marshall know if you notice one is empty so that we can sort this out.

You will by now have sorted your own hand wash facility I am sure. But if not our supplier has a large stock and is delivering to us so you will not have to pay delivery on a hire. Please contact them direct and they will deliver them clearly marked for you to collect from us on arrival. tom@crestacaterers.co.uk 01685 876111.

Potable water is provided via a new hose and valve adjacent to the demo marquee (see plan). DO NOT WASH UP OR DISPOSE OF WASTE LIQUIDS at this point, see below for washing up facilities.


A washing up station to the rear of Marquee C (see plan) is available for exhibitors in the Arthur John site to use. No washing up or dumping of waste water must be carried out anywhere else on site. There is a bin next to this so please don’t just poor waste down the sink as this all needs to be pumped away.

For those exhibiting in the Vale Forge Food Court site, we have access to a kitchen for washing up. Please ensure that this area is left in the same state as when you arrived as will be needed early on Tuesday. Please take home your dirties rather than washing them on site, allowing us time to clean up before closing.


For those cooking at the Festival we ask that your own fire safety equipment be on hand at your stall. The Festival has received recommendations from the Fire Department and will adhere to these standards. Those who are cooking with gas bottles, hoses must be of sound quality and not compromised in any way. All connections in hoses conveying flammable gas from portable containers must be by gas-tight fixings, eg, crimped “O-rings” and not by “Jubilee- type” clips. A safety advisor will be inspecting these over the weekend. Some warming of food is taking place in other marquees but this is strictly by electrical appliances and by agreement of the organisers prior to this letter.

If using oil, it is your responsibility to remove from site – if in doubt speak to our Waste Partners.


The local constabulary are taking antisocial behaviour very seriously and will be monitoring exhibitor procedures very closely. This may be with uniformed or plain clothed police. Please take special care of adhering to ALL license regulations. But be especially careful to ask for ID for anyone under 21 or that you suspect might be. You must also clearly display your license document. It is your responsibility not to serve those who have already had too much. If you witness any antisocial behaviour please notify the Control Point at C11 who will deal with it accordingly.


Loos are available only for the use of exhibitors and sited behind the Marquee C (see plan). If any visitors enquire where the loos are please direct them to local cafes etc or the public facilities in the town hall car park. We will also be positioning extra loos in a site opposite the main gates.


Please see the attached Waste Plan – this worked incredibly well last year and thank you for all your help. In 2013 we sent over 2 tonnes to be recycled and only 840kg to landfill. Those of you serving food to be consumed immediately please read the item on compostable containers. We would also like compostable cutlery used as this cuts down the mucky sorting process.

As usual, please take note of the waste segregation categories used on site and divide your waste where possible.


The sites are both on North Road which is parallel to the main street in Cowbridge. We try to operate an unofficial one way system on North Road to make access easier (see traffic plan). Enter North Road by taking the turning at the Town Hall and then left onto North Road. From this direction turn right into the site. If you want a postcode use CF71 7DF.

The site traffic is strictly controlled so please bare with us and allow plenty of time. Whilst you are waiting for access please pull over to the side to allow others to pass. We only allow a few vehicles in at a time, unload them quickly and get the vehicles off site to allow the next in. Exhibitors then return on foot to complete setting up their stands having parked elsewhere.


Once unloaded, exhibitors are requested to turn right out of the site, along North Road, out onto the main street via Eagle Lane. You will be directed to your designated parking area.


9.30am to 5pm on both Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May 2015.

On Sunday the site will be closed at 6pm. On Monday after closing to public, we will again STRICTLY adhere to the above traffic plan to make the loading out process as easy AND SAFE as possible. No vehicles will be allowed on site until the last member of the public has vacated the site regardless of time.


Each exhibitor will be provided with 2 wristbands on arrival. These are to be secured so you can’t wriggle out of them – if they are deemed too loose we will replace them tighter. If you require further bands these are available at a discounted rate for the weekend. Exhibitors and Visitors will not be allowed onto site without bands firmly in place. If you require more than 2 then please let me know and we will arrange this at the reduced rate of £5 for the weekend.


The site will be patrolled by a security firm over Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights but we strongly advise that you remove from site anything that is valuable or mobile. Anything left on site is done so at your own risk and suitable insurance for this should be arranged by yourselves. The Committee takes no responsibility for any lost or stolen property.

In 2013 we were targeted by some burglars and luckily they were found and left the site with very little. If you are leaving a till or money box on site, we recommend you leave it empty and open in clear view.

Unfortunately this type of busy event does attract the odd opportunist and if you notice someone acting suspiciously, please notify the control point (C11). We will then make a coded PA announcement to alert other stall holders and this will be worded as follows, so listen to announcements, “Will Mrs Bagshot please report to the control at C11”


Please note that our Volunteers/Staff will be wearing high visibility jackets and/or ATC uniform.

On arrival at the site there will be additional help from ATC cadets and volunteers to get equipment and produce to stalls quickly. When packing boxes be aware that they have the right to refuse to carry/lift anything that is deemed too heavy. Please bring a trolley if you have one. A Manual Handling recommendations sheet is attached for your information.

Vehicles must then be removed from site to exhibitor parking and you may return to site on foot to finish your display. The aim is to have vehicles on site for as little time as possible.

There will be no parking available on site and no movement of vehicles during opening times of the Festival.


There are two draws this year that we would ask you to dig deep for.

Heart FM Angels are on site at the Food Court on Sunday and will be holding a free draw as part of their promotion of the festival and family activities on-site. We would love to offer them a good showing of produce and/or vouchers and if you are able to offer something please do.

As in previous years our amazing cadets from the local ATC will be organising a hamper raffle to raise money for the squadron – this charity has helped us immensely for 10 years and is felt by many exhibitors to be a major asset to our festival. If you are able to donate anything for this hamper they would really appreciate it. Last year’s exhibitors were incredibly generous making a great prize and they raise over £1,000. So thank you.

A committee member will be collecting on Sunday morning and distributing to the relevant activities and we thank you for anything you can offer.

Social Media

If you are active on Twitter or Facebook I hope that you have found us. Our PR company and committee guru have become very active on this recently and if you are able to follow/like us, this could broaden all our networks for everyone’s benefit.

Post Event Feedback

We have once again received funding from WG and will be asking for some feedback for our records at some time in the weeks after the festival. Please could you return this to us as soon as you are able.

Once again we hope that you enjoy the Festival in the new May slot and look forward to seeing you then. In the meantime if you have any queries relating to any matter in this letter please contact Polly Wilson as mentioned above. The Committee wish to make your Festival as easy as possible so please do notify us of any special requirements as soon as possible so that we can try to accommodate these.

Yours sincerely

John Davies

Chairman, Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival